Thursday, November 17, 2005


What is so great about Nicole Kidman? OK, I take it back - I truly believe that everyone is always trying their best, and I truly try my best to remember that at all times... But I just saw "The Interpreter" on DVD and that was crap.

Not entirely Kidman's fault, but she didn't do much to help. For starters, she's supposed to be an interpreter, not an automaton. And there's something going on with her eyebrows, which I find deeply distracting.

These days, I get the sinking feeling that Hollywood movies are going to sh*t. They all feature these plastic Botoxed women and have tight storylines that follow successful screenwriting formulas, but it's all so sterile and boring. And then you watch a French movie featuring a woman with an overbite and greasy hair, all tears and cleavage and emotional upset because her boyfriend told her he loves her (it's all very mysterious), and even though you have no idea what is going on, it's FANTASTIC.

Speaking of movies, I went to a new video rental place in Tokyo a while back. They actually had created 2 categories for Hollywood movies: Black and Non-Black. As in, "Beverly Hills Cop", starring Eddie Murphy, would be in the Black section. And "Shakespeare In Love", starring Gwyneth Paltrow, would be in the Non-Black section. I don't think they did it to be racist, but it's pretty shocking nonetheless.

Just a quick little advertisement while I'm on the subject of movies: I'm sure I've mentioned it before, but if you haven't seen "Devil On The Doorstep", you are missing out in a big way. Not only because my sensei is in it, but because it really is an amazing movie (not that awards necessarily guarantee quality, but it was a runner-up at Cannes the year the depressing Bjork movie won). Apparently, the Chinese director was banned by the Chinese government from making any more movies.

That's got to count for something.


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