Tuesday, December 06, 2005


As I have moved my blog to a new host, I was hesitant to write my very first post (I'm a poet and I didn't even know it - really, the rhyming wasn't intentional). Anyway, I couldn't come up with anything good. So I decided to just write about my day, as usual, especially because it was such a typical day in the life of etta. (P.S. I haven't figured out how to export my archives yet. Previous posts can be found on my old Friendster blog.)


Woke up later than planned, and had amazing leftovers for breakfast. I love waking up to leftovers. Breakfast today consisted of a spicy, vaguely Oriental stew of ground beef, all sorts of vegetables, and tofu. I've never understood people who have a Danone Snak-Pak and call it breakfast. Snuck back into my warm flannel sheets and finished a chapter of The Tipping Point.

Got online, and sent off some e-mails. Checked my horoscope. Rubbish day for Libra, apparently . Got a response from a certain S. Ito, Managing Editor of The Japan Times. I recently sent them a brief letter beseeching them to use grammar and spell check. Realized it was sad as I was doing it but I'd been holding back for way too long. He thanked me for my input and expressed the staff's embarrassment at making such an error. Little does he know that I only mentioned 1 of the 5 errors I found on the top page that day.


Deja vu lunch, ie. same leftovers again, a few hours later. Met up with my mother, The Anti-Tech, to help her print out some Christmas cards. Finally began feeling the pressure to be constructive at 3-ish. My friend is opening a spa on Fifth Avenue in Manhattan and asked me to design some logo and staff uniform ideas. Worked on that for a good few hours with the TV on in the background. Saw some pseudo-educational program teaching strange English phrases, and - you guessed it - dropped them a note of complaint as well. (OK. I realize I'm sounding like a colossal pain in the ass - but someone's got to do it, right? These are the people responsible for educating Japan's youth, for f*ck's sake!) Finished the materials for the design presentation. I think they are what the client was looking for. Fingers crossed.


Believe it or not, I had the same leftovers for dinner. It really was that good, and as most stews do, the flavor only improved as the day wore on. I decided that I should try out a brand new Italian cookie recipe, since I was planning on including it in my Christmas Cookie Boxes. I forget its official name; the English version was something like Chocolate Hazelnut Meringues.

I was feeling rather accomplished, melting my Valrhona Lacte (over 70% cocoa solids) in an improvised bain-marie. My brand-new Cuisinart hand-held mixer made its egg white-whipping debut, and good god, was that something. It was on the lowest setting and it still made my brain slosh around inside my skull and made my teeth chatter.

The experiment was delicious, although I've decided to rename the cookie Cacca di Cane, or perhaps Shitbiscuit - because, in essence, that is what it looks like. Alternatively, if anyone would like to suggest a better name for this delectable concoction, please feel free to e-mail me.

And that brings us pretty much up to date. Next on the agenda: to finish a few rows of my current crochet project before bed. Everyone (well, almost everyone) who comes to my family's Christmas Eve dinner this year gets a crocheted scarf and a Christmas cookie box. That means 12 scarves and 15 cookie boxes. Time to get busy.

Is anyone else feeling unmotivated in this cold weather? I can never seem to get anything done in December. My new resolution is to work hard and make some money. Of course, it's a New Year's resolution and therefore, must wait until January.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

No honey, Shitbiscuit seems pretty accurate...

6:29 AM  
Blogger e! said...

Oi! You think THAT was bad? You should have seen what it looked like *before* it went into the oven!

In a weak attempt to minimize ego damage, I admit I picked a marginally less shit-looking cookie picture for blog upload purposes. LOL

2:14 PM  

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