Friday, December 09, 2005


Had yet another baking day. Today's experiment was a cinnamon and lemon zest cookie, braided and pinched into a neat little Christmas wreath formation.

Big improvement on the Shitbiscuit, huh. Oooh yeah.

The end result didn't look as good as the raw dough did, as the cookies expanded exponentially in the oven and got a bit mangled in the process. I suspect that Japanese flour is already pre-loaded liberally with leavening agents. Anyway, after baking them to doneness, they are glazed and sprinkled with assorted goodies (read: an array of leftovers) and returned to the oven for a last blast for good measure.

For all you Where's Waldo lovers out there, that is the evil Japan Times lurking in the shadows behind the happy cookie congregation. While I am on the subject, allow me to report on their glaring top-page error of the day. A heading, which read: "Nock On Wood". I searched far and wide for a pun but in the end, there was none. I guess they just don't know how to spell "knock".... which I imagine is somewhat problematic for a group of professional journalists.

Otherwise, had a tame day running errands and hanging out with my sister, Tosca. Despite the photo's suggestion to the contrary, she does have 2 ears and she's not always bathed in holy white light.

Tosca has recently come down with a skin condition, resulting in twice-daily oral antibiotics. The nasty powder is mixed with some stinky, wet, cat food purchased for Niko. I've never seen anyone more enthusiastic about taking antibiotics.


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