Friday, December 02, 2005



I had the best day today. Took myself out on a Harry Potter date (loved it; just wish they would stop skimping on the popcorn portions) and had entirely too much Tandoori Chicken in Roppongi. I was a bit freaked out in one scene, where Harry Potter looked like he had chest hair - though at this point, I am pretty much convinced it was just some demented illusion. At any rate, the best part about my day happened as I was waiting for my mate to show up for dinner.

I'd been wanting to read Masaru Emoto's The Hidden Messages In Water for aeons, but never got around to it. As I had a few hours to kill between Harry Potter and Taj Mahal, I decided to go browsing in the bookstore.... and there it was. It's amazing, beautiful, inspirational, strange, interesting, awe-inspiring... And it's short, with large print. What more could you want?

The idea is that water, which makes up roughly 70% of our bodies, reacts in tangible ways to vibrations carried by words and sounds. For instance, a sample of water exposed to Bach will have beautifully formed ice crystals when frozen - but the same sample of water will not be able to form any crystals when exposed to abusive yelling.
Trust me - you've just got to read it for yourself.


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