Thursday, January 05, 2006


I swear I'm not getting kickbacks from them. I didn't go to school with the owner. I'm not dating an employee. They don't even give me discounts. But I just need to state, for the record, that the best chicken wings of all time can be found at Toriyoshi. I've been going to the one in Futako Tamagawa for years, but every time is like the first time. Their wings are positively spectacular.

I always get the extra spicy, although we discovered today that the non-spicy version tastes remarkably similar. Slightly sticky (though not nearly as greasy as its Buffalo cousin), tender, juicy, and jazzed up with an array of spices (with black pepper playing a central role) in a month-long marinade, these wings defy adequate description or praise.

Don't walk to your nearest Toriyoshi. Run.

In other news, it is cold as sh*t in Tokyo. We've been getting some beautiful, sunny weather, but temperature-wise, it's been brutal. Below: A beautiful, wintry sunset in the 'hood.

I would have stayed home with my hot water bottle today, had it not been my friend's last day in Tokyo. She very wisely suggested brunch at Fujimama's, where I had a deceptively filling dish of Fujimama's Benedict - poached eggs drizzled with a sunshine-yellow hollandaise and nestled on 2 voluminous, crackling crabcakes. A good way to start the day, to be sure.

After that, I found myself accosted by a Bichon Frise elsewhere in Harajuku. I love dogs, but I'm slightly annoyed that everyone is walking around with their dogs just because it's the year of the dog. Annoyed because a lot of owners who bring their accessory-dogs to public places don't discipline them, and they give good dogs a bad name. Same goes for kids. That was just a side note. The Bichon Frise was actually quite cute, although I suspect it mistook my Uggs for his mother. There is a resemblance, you see.


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