Thursday, January 26, 2006


I really wanted to keep this blog clean and positive. Unfortunately, I don't think I can hold this in anymore.

AOL SUCKS. It really, really, really stinks. I will switch providers as soon as I can, but in the meantime, you'll have to forgive me for announcing publicly what AOL users already know.

Right. Now that's out of the way.

On Friday, I'm hosting a birthday party for a birthday boy and a birthday girl (41 and13, respectively - it really isn't as creepy as it sounds). I just finished making a birthday card, which is hilarious if you know the birthday boy. Just plain weird if you don't.

The menu will consist of flame-grilled steaks, baked potatoes, ceviche, house salad, and some kind of shrimp dish (which will doubtlessly be delicious, and will be contributed by the 13 year old's mother). Dessert will be fruit with chocolate fondue, and a birthday cake - a spectacular affair involving 4 separate cakes sandwiched together with fluffy white icing and studded with any candy that is small and/or light enough to stay put. Instant diabetes. Pictures forthcoming.

In case I haven't made it obvious enough already, my life is pretty boring right now. It's an endless routine of sleeping and waking, eating and working, errands and reading (hooked on The Time Traveler's Wife. Interesting concept, romantic premise, easy reading. Ineffably wonderful paper).

Sorely in need of a renascent career and social life, I've been planning out my summer. I've decided to take art classes in Illustration or Drawing/Painting somewhere other than Tokyo. As such, I e-mailed everyone I know for advice. From what I gather:

* Parsons is AWESOME, although I will have to sell half my belongings to fund it and I will be the oldest student on the program by about a decade.

*I am retarded if I think I'll find anything cheaper than Parsons. (But that doesn't include NY rent and all the wickedly expensive things I'll be moved to do in the Big Apple.)

*Most people recommend RISD. Is this the bona fide champion of art education, or what?

*There is nothing art-related in Baton Rouge. And as much as I would love to spend time with my high school sempai, Chiye, I hadn't even considered the possibility until she mentioned it.

*St. Martin's, Slade, Chelsea, and others in London could be an option.... if they wouldn't drive me and my progeny to financial ruin. As it stands, they will. I'm also somewhat Londophobic due to all my past experiences there.

*I can finally feel smart by going to Harvard (Extension School).

*Whatever I do, don't ever go anywhere in Indiana. (Courtesy of Bob, who was reared in Indiana and is therefore living proof that it can't be as bad there as he claims.)

*There's always Canada.

Nothing is yet set in stone; I do, however, now have a well-informed predilection for Concordia in Montreal. It's cheap, there's no visa hassle (Canada does not require visa-waiver visitors to have student visas if a course is under 6 months long), rent is affordable ($500CDN a month?!), I can study French (Quebecois but who cares, really), and heLLO? French-Canadian men???? If anyone has any feedback on Montreal and/or art courses, please please please let me know. OK, I can feel AOL thinking about crapping out on me again. Time to sign off.

If you have a problem with that, feel free to contact AOL. Tell them I sent you.


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