Saturday, February 04, 2006


* Somewhere in Japan, there is a jet-black Labrador Retriever that turned completely white after her beloved owner died. I saw the footage; it was really weird. A few weeks after his death, she started going white in patches around the "eyebrows". Those patches kept growing daily ("it was like looking at a new dog every morning") until she was completely white. 3 years later, her favourite place to be is on top of her owner's coat. She is be-yoo-tiful.

* The American Embassy in Tokyo hasn't paid rent for a few decades. Bet they don't print that in the U.S. press. This is why it's so fucking awesome when they complain about other countries not paying their dues. Honestly, not paying your rent is so... ghetto. (There go my DV lottery chances for good.)

* Sick of being pestered by my wonderful, well-meaning friends, I've created an online profile on a matchmaking site. I'm being really anonymous about it for now, but I've seen some surprisingly hot guys on that site. There is one guy (bloke alert) who is really good looking (id est somewhat resembles the last as*hole I dated). I have no plans to contact him. I think I just need to grit my teeth and start going out with unattractive guys. The ones I'm attracted to are never what I want. I've already been contacted by a few guys who are definitely not what I am looking for. Good, clean, fun.

* The Ku Klux Klan is hilarious. Apparently, they have secret handshakes and put the letters Kl- before regular words because they are uneducated inbreds with the collective intelligence of a tadpole ("some Klansmen having a Klonversation at the Klavern"). They take blood oaths. And - this is the bit that almost makes me piss myself every time - their bible is called the Kloran. Hunh?! Irrefragable proof that there is nothing more frightening than ignorance.

* By the way, I should probably cite sources for the KKK information. Freakonomics, 2005, HarperCollins. It hasn't blown my socks off yet. I like the paper it's printed on, though, and the tidbits about the Klan per se make it worth a read.

* Anyone who can swiftly enunciate the following gets my full respect:

An Argyle Gargoyle
Pre-shrunk silk-shirt sale
I wish to wash my Irish wristwatch.


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