Wednesday, February 08, 2006


Blogger would never be down. It would load quickly.
He would make a decision to be in or out and commit to it.
AOL would connect on my first try. Actually, forget that. I’d be on Yahoo BB or something else.
All my relatives would be sane.
People would suddenly get clued in that translation is a real job, which requires skill, concentration, energy, education, intelligence, and yes, pay.
I could download an application form without my computer releasing puffs of smoke.
My back and foot and everything else would never hurt, no matter how hard I kick the mitt or how long I run.
I’d leap out of bed early every morning, enthusiastically embracing what the day had in store.
I’d meet someone really great.
My favourite stress-release activity would be cleaning.
I’d eat and eat and eat and never gain a pound. Or get diabetes or gout or whatever else.
The goddamn translation agency I was evaluated by last week would get back to me already.
I would be living in a great little high-ceilinged loft with real wooden floors in Montreal.


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