Saturday, February 25, 2006


I'm so proud of myself.

I managed to get 15 hours of sleep and still pay my credit card and mobile bills, and send out a few billing statements. Then I got my eyes checked, bought 6 months worth of contacts, and spent even more money on some gorgeous waterproof-ink pens. After that, I went grocery shopping and made dessert for a dinner I'm hosting tomorrow night: Strawberry Granita (to be served with panna) and Chocolate and Pistachio Wafers, both of which are (of course) from my Linda Carucci cookbook. The granita consists of 2 kgs of fresh strawberries, rose jam, Grand Marnier, and, like, a sack of sugar (among other things). Gorgeous.

At the optometrist's, I saw a pair of glasses that literally cost over a million yen. They looked like this:

I don't get it either.

And just because people keep telling me that blogs are easier to read with lots of pictures, here's one of the pistachios I was peeling for my chocolate wafers, which, by the way, are pretty damn fabulous. Really crisp and not too sweet. They are going to be great with the strawberry granita. Anyway, I love the color of these pistachios.

I promise I'll actually have something to say the next time I blog.


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