Thursday, March 02, 2006


So I've been on the Artist's Way for the last 3 weeks. Technically, it's probably been more like 4; I haven't exactly been following it to the letter. I have been doing my morning pages religiously, though, and I do get to most of the assignments eventually (in some form, anyway).

My question is... Are the things happening to me right now what's referred to as "synchronicity"? The AW at work? Or am I just kidding myself? What the hell, what's wrong with believing what I want to believe? It's nice to think that things are coming together for me at long last.

Among other things, a script idea fell out of the sky and into my lap the other day. It's nowhere near done, of course - it's only barely coming into being now. Given its current state, it may not be at all impressive to someone who doesn't understand just how stuck I've been for script ideas.

If this truly is a product of being on the AW, I wish I had done the programme properly to begin with. Having said that, I can already imagine how tough the Reading Deprivation is going to be next week...


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