Monday, April 17, 2006


Needless to say, there has never been and there never will be any such thing as a smooth trip in the life of etta. A struggle to find a pre-flight meal preceded a struggle to find the airport, which was followed by a struggle to find parking space and the inevitable struggle to get me and my now 52 pounds of luggage to the check-in counter in time. After which I was told that my Air Canada flight was delayed by an hour.

It ended up being a fortunate turn of events - for me, anyway. I had extra time to be with Brett, who probably got an earful for missing Easter dinner with his family. So, not so lucky for him. (Sorry buddy.) The sky was also ink-black by the time the plane took off, which meant that I could see a gazillion stars twinkling in the sky and Boston by night twinkling below. I like Boston much more a few thousand feet in the air.

When I arrived at Montreal airport, I waited for half an hour at the wrong carousel for my suitcase - which, by the way, had been savagely opened and ransacked by rabid customs officials. I also had a bit of trouble entering the country due to a minor incident back in 1995 that was surprisingly on my record; I had driven up with a few friends for a party and there was some confusion regarding my (valid) passport and (valid) paperwork.

I am happy to report that the unpleasantries ended there. Check out my hotel, the Hotel Omni Mont-Royal:

You could park a small house into this room. I've got high-speed wireless Internet access, Pay-per-view, cable, 24-hour room service, plush terry bathrobe, sofabed (besides my king size), daily newspaper, fancy toiletries, closet, iron, and windows that actually open.

Hurrah for Hotwire.


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