Tuesday, May 23, 2006


With the sole exception of the day I was born, every single birthday has been rainy. I've had birthdays on at least 3 continents and in several times that number of cities. And I've had it up to here. Thus, I have decided on a fairly foolproof location in which to celebrate my 3rd decade on the planet.

Oahu, Hawaii.
It's not exactly exotic, but what's not to like? (OK, downtown Honolulu is like hell on Earth. Besides that.) There is no shortage of things to do -- and for the severely jet-lagged, the relaxed ambience non pareil permits guilt-free sloth. It's pretty, warm, cheaper than Europe, features modern conveniences like dryers and Internet access, and, dammit, it's sunny. I'm thinking about 10 days beginning the last week of September.
Who's game?


Blogger Yu-Ching said...

That is a wonderful idea and I wish I can say that I am in! But since I am planning on going to Oahu in December for the marathon, I need to save up for that. We must celebrate in Tokyo before or after your first sunny birthday in Hawaii though!!

12:24 AM  

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