Sunday, June 11, 2006


Now that the Sughi-Wada debacle has calmed down here, I have found something else to get riled up about. (N.B. There are a lot of bizarre "stress crimes" committed against children in Japan, but I tend not to discuss them. It's just too sad and too gross to bear.)

The latest news is that of the Killer Elevator, which crushed a 16 year-old to death at his apartment building in Tokyo's Minato Ward. Apparently, this elevator, manufactured by the Schindler Group, is not the first to bludgeon a passenger to death; at least 5 people have died in New York and Beijing while riding this murderous contraption. On the "deadly injured" 16 year-old's "tragic accident", the press release states:

Schindler has no design related user fatalities on record. Fatal accidents in the elevator industry are mainly due to inappropriate maintenance or dangerous user behavior in the context of entrapment.

Is it just me, or does this not sound like an apology? Am I supposed to feel okay about Schindler's product because the "tragic accident" was caused by the boy not riding the elevator correctly?



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