Thursday, June 08, 2006


The "artist" Yoshihiko Wada (ie. "con artist", rather than "painter") has been stripped of 2 awards, thank god.

This man is nutso. I was watching a news program featuring this story, in which it was revealed that Wada tried to convince people that he taught Signor Sughi how to paint, among other things. He sent a fax to the Cultural Affairs Ministry saying that he was returning the award so as to avoid the humiliation of having his award revoked. How about the humiliation of being a total moron? Blessedly, the Ministry's response was a resounding WHATEVER as they proceeded to eradicate the honor.

As for Signor Sughi, he is no longer planning to sue Wada or the Ministry - but he does believe that he deserves a written apology from the Ministry, as well as a big exhibition in Tokyo. I like this guy. Thanks to Wada, Signor Sughi is now one of the most famous artists in Japan. I hope he comes out here and makes tons of money.


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