Sunday, July 23, 2006


At my French class this evening, my cute teacher was explaining that someone told someone else who told someone else who told someone else who told him that one of the students had a baby a few days ago.

He asked if we knew what this was called - "this" being the sort of meandering word-of-mouth that travels like a hard-working virus through a group of people on common ground. "Le telephone...??" he inquired to the room.

Now, while my reading comprehension and grammatical knowledge have shown some improvement, I still have problems making out what the bloody hell people are saying. I also have major problems speaking up in class (which should shock everyone who knows me).

In a sudden flash of brilliance, I had a vision of mini-me playing a game on the schoolbus with some classmates. It was our favourite game, in which A would whisper something to B, B would pass the message on to C, and by the time we got to F, the message would be horribly mangled and we'd all think it was hysterical.

So it would make sense that the third time I open my mouth at French school, it would be for a resounding, "LE TELEPHONE CHINOIS!"

Well, that wasn't it. I got some strange looks and confused pourquoi?s, but my French isn't fluent enough to defend my response. I was too busy feeling like a giant ass to catch the answer.

Can't wait until my French is good enough to convince everyone that I'm not a freak. Pas vraiment.


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