Tuesday, October 25, 2005


I'm a moron.

I went to see my friend (see previous post) who is a spiritual healer the other day. Very nice man, known him since I was 12. Anyway, I was led to believe by someone else that my life is *doomed*. I was skeptical at first, but why would someone say something so horrible, with such certainty, if they didn't have some good reason to think it was true?

So, Lemon Marzipan Cake in hand, I went to see my friend/spiritual counselor for advice. We could barely have a normal conversation because he was laughing so hard. I never considered myself especially gullible, but in retrospect, I see I am the sole reason that televangelists, spammers, men who marry rich Florida grandmas, and others of that ilk can exist. (Don't get any strange ideas. I hereby swear I will never be screwed with like that again. And I solemly abjure from speaking to such f*ckwits from this point forth.)

This guy told me that when people like me travel together, that's when airplanes crash. Can you even believe that sh*t?

Anyway, I know now that I am slightly retarded, but that is still better than being *doomed*.


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