Saturday, October 22, 2005


The whole idea of having a blog (for me, anyway) is all about not having to write everyone the same e-mail about what's been going on in my life. So it's not exactly fitting to write about something someone else did... But this was just too unbelievable not to share.

According to The Japan Times (a hideous Tokyo-based broadsheet to which my family continues to subscribe, for some unknown reason), some woman killed her husband for his money, including an insurance policy she took out on his life a short while earlier. So far, pretty standard.

How did she kill him? Well, she tied him to a chair, bashed him over the head with a blunt object, then stabbed him in the eye with a pair of scissors. Apparently, both attacks were fatal.

Then, she threw him down the stairs. Her plan was to tell authorities that her husband died falling down the stairs, while holding a chair and a pair of scissors (and presumably tied himself up AND bludgeoned himself to death, after which he jabbed the scissors in his eye). How stupid is this woman??

In actual etta-news, I am currently debating on whether or not I should check out a family sale tomorrow at Decade, a cool shop on Kotto Dori. They make great clothes with high quality material and interesting cuts. They also pronounce "Decade" like "Dickhead", but I still haven't worked up the courage to tell them this.

After that I'm baking a Lemon Marzipan Cake (see my book list) to bring to an old friend who has offered to help me out of a bind. The reason I'm going to see him is - brace yourself - I am getting an "almost-exorcism". It really isn't half as creepy as it sounds. No spinning heads and poltergeist activity; just a cute little Japanese culture thing, really. A cute little Japanese culture thing that's supposed to remove the evil spirits, who are responsible for the state of my bank account, from my midst. This is what I've been told, anyway. The whole thing is bizarre and frightening, and it's got me all sorts of freaked out.

Wish me luck!!


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