Tuesday, November 01, 2005


Not much to report on this end, but I thought I'd post because I've posted 5 articles and I don't need people thinking I'm a quitter.

After almost 2 decades of reading The Japan Times, I've finally come across an uplifting article. The days of the metrosexual are over! We are now ringing in the era of the "ubersexual", and I honestly couldn't be happier.

Just to clarify things a bit further, The Japan Times lists Orlando Bloom and Jude Law as metrosexuals, and Bill Clinton and George Clooney as ubersexuals. (Is this a UK vs. US thing? I did find myself telling boyfriends to take it easy with the clothes shopping in my London days. A LOT.)

This doesn't mean that I'm waiting for Homer Simpson to sweep me off my feet, but seriously, can we please stop with the eyebrow plucking and manly-cures? Showers: Good. Respect for women: Good. Culinary ability: Good. Furiously teasing your fringe in front of the mirror every morning: Baaaaaad.


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