Wednesday, November 16, 2005


Everyone here is preparing for the mother of all earthquakes. The Japan Times says there is a 50% chance that The Big One will hit soonish, and will have major, long-lasting economic effects.

I know I'm always b*tching about The Japan Times and I should just stop reading it, much less have a blog more or less based on it. But my main problem with it is that its staff doesn't use spell/grammar check. I'm hoping (or maybe not, in this case) that they at least get their facts right.

Wouldn't that be crazy? If all my earthquake-hysteria was due to a communication mishap at The Japan Times?

In other news, Marilyn came home today. Marilyn is a naked 7-foot black woman who lives in my stairwell. She was an art assignment in my college days, and I'd been waiting since 1996 to get her a proper frame.

The damn thing was so big that my sensei had to borrow a truck from someplace to pick it up at the frame-place. Have I mentioned I have the coolest sensei in the world?

The frame is beautiful, but it cost 43,000JPY. I'd better become a famous something really soon... As it stands, the frame is worth a few billion times more than the drawing.


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