Sunday, January 01, 2006


Because I ended up spending New Year’s Eve last year cleaning my room maniacally in the middle of a major snowstorm, I had my heart set on doing something this year. Anything. Outside.

Fortunately for me, I have some fabulous friends who are in the know. I joined them for a night of 2005-style partying at a Lark club event in Shibuya. (Very cool event, involving no less than 18 clubs all over the place and some great acts. That, and giveaways. I managed to win the first lottery of my life and got a fancy Zippo, while 2 very lucky gentlemen in our party won Sony network MDs!)

Some jac*as* thought it would be charming to grope me as I walked past him in a crowded corridor, but besides that little episode, it was an evening filled with good friends, good vibes, good food, and copious amounts of alcohol (by my standards, anyway).

As much fun as it was, I admit I hated myself at 4:15 a.m. as I battled the wintry winds and a pounding hangover while waiting to find a cab. And I hated myself all over again at 2 p.m., when my very energetic cousins (ages 5 and 10) came over to pay their New Year’s respects.

All of the above is actually nothing but a long-winded excuse as to why I won’t be posting my New Year’s Resolutions on 1 January. This doesn’t bode well for the
self-proclaimed Queen of Self-Improvement, I know...

*Special thanks to Leon for all the photos!


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