Monday, January 23, 2006


Since I first published My Life, Censored on Blogger in December, it has had over 1,000 hits. That may not be much in cyber-reality but I as I was expecting something in the vicinity of 100, I am pleasantly surprised (read: spewing Nyquil out of my nose). Thanks, y'alls!!

And a big thank you to Google, without which searches for "nyquil roommate", "nana strangulation", and "my 2006 horoscope" would never have linked back to me. I suspect the (surprisingly) many who were looking for positive predictions regarding their lives were disappointed by my horoscope post... And for that I apologize. As for the others, who are you and what were you looking for?!? No, no, never mind. I love y'all regardless - drop by again soon!

Not much otherwise over on this end. It is freezing and I have a cold. Sometime in the gray and white afternoon, 2 huge boxes arrived from Amazon. They were chock-full of goodies and should keep me busy for at least a week or two. From what I have seen so far...

... The Business of Writing For Children, by Aaron Shepard, is going to be helpful. Don't let its flimsy appearance fool you. (And don't let its first few sentences turn you off from your project: "Let me begin with a word of caution. If you're thinking of taking up children's writing as a lark or as an easy way to make money, my advice is: Forget it.") I am now in the process of writing a sequel to the picture book I finished planning last week. Let's just say I'm happy this arrived when it did.

...The Three Incestuous Sisters, by Audrey Niffenegger (best-selling author of The Time Traveler's Wife) wasn't what I hoped it would be. I thought the story, which amounts to maybe 3 pages of large text, double-spaced, was a bit weak. Not weak in that it was uninteresting or trite; weak as in it was more of a beginning than an end. It needed to be worked a bit more. Kneaded and massaged and seasoned. Still, the effort, time, and skill that went into it are obvious. Maybe I just need more time to let it grow on me.

... Quelqu'un m'a dit, by Carla Bruni, supermodel-turned-musician (Oi! STOP rolling your eyes, you!), is much better than you'd expect. I think it helps that she sings in French, which works with her strange, soft, laryngitis-voice. To think someone that beautiful can also create and perform music makes me want to puke - really it does - but I found myself feeling soothed by her mostly acoustic, easy-listening Europop. I can't say much more, as I don't know jack about music. (Side note: this is why I'd love to date a music connoisseur; someone who can educate me musically. And by "music connoisseur", I do not mean a guy who only listens to rap. That's just B-boy envy.)

... After one listen, I think I really like Get Behind Me Satan, by The White Stripes. I love their dirty, raw, pared-down, recorded-in-our-garage sound. It just reminds me of the fun OTT nights in New York and London. I can't say I've ever had a proper rock 'n' roll night in Tokyo, where the pavements are so clean you can eat off them, and the club's automatic-flush toilets have heated seats. I'm not saying rock 'n' roll has to be unsanitary - still, it's hard to get into a grungy state of mind when you've just sacrificed your paycheck to see The Rolling Stones (Lapides Provolventes).

The Amazon package was the highlight of my day. The shock of my day was when I thought my cat, Niko, had frozen to death. He's alive and well; he just couldn't be bothered to get out of his flannel sleeping bag, despite my hollering. I don't blame him. It's literally colder out here than the inside of my fridge. One morning last week, as I lay under my covers readying myself to face the day, my breath was coming out in little white puffs of condensation. I stood under the hot, beating streams of a steaming shower for 20 minutes before I was able to feel my nose again.

And on that note, time again for another hot soak.


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