Thursday, February 16, 2006


I imagine it’s getting old but I’d like to take this opportunity to plug Linda Carucci’s fantabulous Cooking World Secrets For Real Life Cooks. Again.

As a Valentine’s Day dessert, I made the White Chocolate Cheesecake with an Oreo Crust, served with Raspberry Coulis. What can I say? Mrs. Carucci has outdone herself yet again. It was positively decadent and rapturously devoured by everyone offered a slice (with the exception of my eccentric father, who almost threw up to illustrate his imagined cheese allergy – which is news to me, as I’ve seen him slurping down a pizza with great relish).

It came out beautifully, despite the organic eggs colouring the batter an odd hue, describeable perhaps as Rembrandt-Flesh. The finished product was an ecru circle with a smooth, tanned plateau, sitting moistly atop a thin base of tar-black cocoa-y crunchiness. The white cheesecake was the perfect canvas to set off the thick crimson of the refreshingly tangy raspberry coulis and was visually perfect as a Valentine’s Day offering.

I’ve been getting offers to sell my cookies and cakes at some shops in Tokyo. Needless to say, I will not be doing this for a lot of reasons but I just wanted to point out that this was a recipe that prompted one such offer.

This cookbook, in a nutshell, is a must-have.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You have convinced me-- I am getting it! (Have you considered a career in sales . .oh most persuasive one?)


6:00 AM  
Blogger e! said...

Ha! You do not know what you are suggesting...
I can only "sell" things I really like. It's not so much about my powers of persuasion - it's more about being utterly tactless!!

11:43 AM  

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