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In one of my very first Friendster posts (October archives), I mentioned going to see a psychic for a quasi-exorcism. Which wasn't really an exorcism, but... it's hard to explain. I suppose his western equivalent would be called a "spiritual healer", or perhaps a "practictioner of alternative medicine"; issues of this sort are viewed in a different light in Japanese culture, which complicates the translation. Anyway. I saw him again recently, to get some help for a friend.

I really can't say too much about this, but I have to record what happened. My friend wears a hearing aid, and she has been losing her hearing steadily, year on year. Her doctors told her there was no hope, and that her condition would continue to deteriorate, eventually rendering her completely deaf. Many specialists were consulted, but all heralded the same advice - learn to live with it. This was the discouraging verdict, over and over, for 12 years. I don't mean to go off on a tangent but a lot of doctors really need to learn more about people. So many of them are too busy defending their own egos that they forget their purpose: to help people become healthy. Not to prove how much more they know than you.

She had a quick, non-invasive session with the "psychic". (I hate how that word conjures images of Jackie Stallone and fraudulent 1-900 numbers.) In fact, the first "session" was so uninvasive that it was performed right at the table during Christmas dinner. Upon re-testing her hearing at her regular doctor's office, something she has been doing periodically for over a decade, the results indicated that she could hear 80db without her hearing aid - a 10db improvement! With the hearing aid cranked up, she can hear loud-ish conversation at about 30db; the 10-point increase, therefore, is a significant change.

The sad part of the whole thing is that there aren't enough people who can do this sort of thing. I'd love to bring everyone I know to this man because, let's face it, we all need help. As it stands, however, this man's daily schedule is bursting at the seams. His days are already divided into 15-minute increments, most of which are booked up with appointments. He just can't fix the whole world alone, which is why I can't really talk about it too much.

But the point I'm trying to make is this. Have some faith! There is a lot of good news in the world. First of all, there must be others like him out there. Second of all, there is never any need for despair. And lastly, the human body naturally has healing abilities that you wouldn't believe. And it exists in spite of all the specialists who wouldn't believe it either (or perhaps it exists to spite all of them, as it were).

People tend not to talk about all the good news in the world but it does exist. It's really not such a bad, scary world we live in.

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Blogger Alex S said...

Hello! I am visiting your site tonight for the first time! Thank you so much for your comments at my site. I also love The Giving Tree and Griffin and Sabine.!
I agree with this post. I think the reality is that there is heaven AND hell existing simultaneously right here on Earth every single second. A good piece of it is luck, some of it is our thoughts or our choice of beliefs, and some of it is circumstances. This such a fantastic world simply brimming with beauty. I wish for everyone to have a piece of true peace in their lives. Faith tonight to those who have lost its grasp.

12:32 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I do have a story (stories) to share--- and I agree with you, if only there were more healers like this-- I only wish we could grow this ability ourselves.


4:25 AM  
Blogger e! said...

You left me hanging! Do tell!

2:34 PM  

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