Monday, March 06, 2006


Today's "Bush Watch", the regular Japan Times slot dedicated to ensuring that the Tokyo Anglophone population is constantly well-informed regarding the neverending antics of the U.S. President, summarized Mr. Bush's frequent accidents - specifically, his July bicycle accident during the G8 summit in Scotland.

Al Kamen, who wrote the (hilarious) article for The Washington Post, explains how the President fell off his bike when he took one hand off the handlebars to wave to some police officers. ("Thanks fer comin', y'all!") Both the President and his bike bounced off the legs of one unlucky policeman, who was forced to hobble around on crutches following the hit by the high-profile projectile.

The President also fell off his mountain bike at his Ranch in 2004. Which, of course, is not nearly as strange as the incident in which he fell off his couch while reading, watching TV, and eating a pretzel (remember that one??). And how about when he fell off his Segway? Can anyone think of a dorkier accident than falling off a Segway?

Al Kamen finishes his article with the following: "...And now the latest accident, in which he tried to ride, wave, and speak, all at the same time. We warned him after the pretzel incident about the dangers of multitasking."

Yeah... I feel reaaally safe thinking about him being in charge. Even in my peaceful (so far) little corner of North Asia.


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