Saturday, April 15, 2006


Yesterday afternoon, I went to my friend's wake at a funeral home in Nashua, NH. It was a closed-casket affair, probably because he died 2 weeks ago. I was simultaneously relieved and disappointed. I was entertaining the notion that maybe if I saw him dead, it would help me to process all this better. Then again, maybe it's better that I remember him as the beautiful guy he was, rather than a silent grey version of him in a box. I don't know.

On the bright side, I am now at the Crowne Plaza Nashua.

All those exposes where they go into hotel rooms with a black light to find traces of various dodgy bodily fluids are such a bummer, because for some reason, I love staying at hotels. I don't know what it is; there's a certain excitement about staying at a hotel. Room service and broadband access don't hurt either. Last night, I opted out of a gathering at one of Jonathan's friends' places. I thought being alone might make me miserable but I couldn't see how I could be social. A solo night at the hotel ended up cheering me up a bit, which was good because there isn't too much else to do in Nashua.

And oh, the deal I got on my room! And I even get bonus mileage! I usually book everything on Hotwire (can't recommend it highly enough) but as Nashua isn't even listed as a destination option there, I booked on the Inter Continental Hotels Group website. I thought $89 was kind of steep for a regular hotel in - let's face it - the middle of nowhere... and then I saw the sign on my door:

Off now to shower with my complimentary herbal shampoo and soap set.


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