Saturday, April 22, 2006


I'm not looking forward to leaving Montreal. First of all, it seems such a shame because I would have liked to spend some more time with my new Montrealais friends. Second of all, my 4 star accommodation was pretty nice. And thirdly, I'm flying out at 6.30 tomorrow morning. Whose bright idea was it to schedule a flight that leaves that early? Or late, depending on how you look at it.

To show my allegiance to this future home of mine, I padded down the street to the Bell Center and bought a Montreal Canadiens T-shirt at their on-site souvenir kiosk. Never mind I didn't see a single Canadiens game on this trip, since the playoffs are taking place tomorrow. Damn.

On my way back to the hotel, I dropped by Dunn's for my fourth and last meal there. The chicken Caesar salad was fantastic, with its steaming, freshly grilled, juicy chicken morsels sitting appetizingly atop crispy Romaine generously coated in parmesan Caesar dressing. There, I met James - yet another attractive, friendly Quebecois who is also Kyle's roommate. Despite the Tourist Information bureau being situated directly across the street, I've found more useful information chatting to staff at Dunn's by far. Speaking of which, I should have bought one of their T-shirts.

From there, I made another pit stop at the pharmacy. I found the most amazing deodorant and dental floss there a few days ago. Nothing special - just Degree and Johnson & Johnson, but these are things that you'll have a tough time hunting down in Japan. My suitcase is filled with the stuff now. I got some doubtful looks, carrying precarious armfuls of toiletries to the till. Dental floss is now plentiful in Tokyo - but nothing like this stuff, which is.... invigorating. The Degree is the "Little Black Dress Approved" version, which while not completely devoid of "the white stuff", comes pretty damn close while keeping you odor-free for about 3 days. Please no-one write to tell me how bad it is for my thyroid.

Off to finish packing now. Fingers crossed I'm up at 4 to catch my flight to Boston. Here's to hoping the dental floss perks me up enough to survive the Trudeau trek.


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