Sunday, April 16, 2006


There were many familiar faces at the funeral, including that of Jonathan's old roommate, definitely one of my all-time favourite people and quite possibly the funniest and secretly, the sweetest guy I know. It's not just anyone that can make me laugh right after a funeral. (I'm not only saying this because you asked for a shout-out on my blog, Brett.) After an emotional and brownie-laden gathering at Jonathan's house, we headed down to Brett's (very fabulous) sister's place in Cambridge, MA, where we spent the night. Kelly was a one-time (literally just once) model for Polo and rumour has it that she is a champion Poker player. You don't get much cooler than that.

Anyway. Jonathan used to work at the Franklin Park Zoo. He was amazing with animals, and, as I learned through the eulogies at the funeral, has had a special connection to them since he was a little boy.

So it just made sense that we should take a trip to the zoo before I caught my evening flight to Montreal.


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