Thursday, April 13, 2006


I'm flying out to New York tomorrow afternoon.

From JFK, I'm getting a ride to somewhere in Massachussetts, where I will spend the night. The next day, I'm getting another ride into a tiny town in New Hampshire, to see my friend at the funeral home. After that I'm getting yet another ride to the neighboring town to find a hotel, because apparently they don't make hotels in most small NH towns. (And they don't give you any useful information about towns like Hollis on the Internet. I found out how many inches of rainfall they got in their worst recorded storm, but somehow nobody thought to write about whether or not they have a train station.)

After that, it's yet another ride the next day to the church, where the service will be held. Hitch another ride back to my hotel, where I will most likely be inhaling room service while crying my eyes out. Sunday, back to Boston (guess what - another ride) and I fly out to Montreal for 6 days. I figured Jonathan would want me to at least try to have a good time and I also think I deserve a freaking break. I was so excited to find a killer deal on Hotwire for a 4-star hotel that I booked it without considering a.) I would get pretty damn lonely being alone after my friend's funeral in a foreign city and b.) April in Montreal is not spring.

Then back to Boston and Acela Expressing it back to New York, where I ambitiously plan to see 27 people in 2 days.

But you know what? Fuck it. I'm having an adventure in Jonathan's honor (...though I still don't mind if someone wants to join me).

Updates forthcoming.


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