Thursday, May 11, 2006


While a shutter clicked away in the background, I detailed, described, discussed, and divulged how awesome I am for a solid hour. All I could think about was how I hoped to god an earthquake wouldn't hit now. Here's a view out the window of the 49th floor of the chi-chi Roppongi Hills room, which the interviewer rented for my brag-fest.

Okay, I did think about other things too. I questioned the sincerity and authenticity of every single thing that came out of my own mouth; I questioned the sincerity and authenticity of every assiduous flattery that came out of theirs. While the ersatz interview didn't make me feel as tiny as I'd imagined it would, it was a lesson in paranoia.

It didn't help to discover after the interview that my eyeliner had bled all over my face. I should have known; I was sweating like a criminal during an interrogation.

The mere thought of someone out there being in possession of 95 photos of me channeling Courtney Love after a particularly OTT boozer sent me straight to T.G.I. Friday's for their artery-clogging "Three For All" appetizer platter. If you want to drown your sorrows, you might as well drown 'em in lard.

But hey. It's done and I did the best that I could (although I might consider investing in some panicproof eyeliner).

The good news is, they gave me 5000 yen worth of bookstore certificates, and over dinner I met up with a professional hockey player, based in the Czech Republic, who may be able to hook me up with some interesting interpreting work (as well as a place to crash when in Prague).

I keep trying to tell myself it's not all that bad.


Blogger teahouse said...

Wow..that sounds intense.

Remind me again..was this a modeling gig or something?

Honestly, it sounds like all of the job interviews I've been going on for the past month.

10:01 PM  
Blogger Yu-Ching said...

Hey, otsukare-sama! It does sound pretty intense..

Well, it's over now so relax! =)

11:19 PM  
Blogger e! said...

THB: Modeling?!? Yeah... that'll be the day. It was a piece about working as a translator-interpreter, nothing at all glamourous. My alterna-rock eyeliner wasn't a fashion thing - smudged less by design than by accident.

YC: Arigato... Mou heto heto dayo! But it retrospect, it was worth it for the toshoken!!

11:54 PM  

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