Monday, June 19, 2006


Tracking back Google searches that led to this blog, I saw that the greatest number of visitors came looking for a wide variety of sick shit, while “2006 horoscopes” was a close second. People hoping to find good news in their corner of the sky this year were met with Adam Sandler’s horoscopes – not something one would want to read when looking desperately for some sign of hope. So, without further ado, here is THE ETTA LIST for BEST FREE ASTROLOGY SITES (IMHO):

5. Carolyn Reynolds
Very irregularly updated but accurate monthly horoscopes. Ms. Reynolds is the author of the stupendous Book Of Lovers, which changed the way I saw astrology forever.

4. Jonathan Cainer
Updated daily and weekly (with a link to Yasmin Boland, who does a very good monthly horoscope - filled with typos and French affectations but good nonetheless) by high-profile Brit astrologer Mr. Cainer. I usually end up disappointed by the wishy-washy predictions but I do continue to check, all the same.

3. Susan Miller
In-depth, voluminous monthlies that are updated within the first week of every month. I find the detailed predictions don’t really apply to me (nor do they apply to my friend, who has been told every month for the last 3 years that she would probably get pregnant) but it’s a good general overview. It’s obvious that this woman puts a lot of time and effort into this site, and that in itself makes me want to like it.

2. Bridgett Walther
Famous around the world for its horoscopes, Elle magazine offers a free online version, consisting of Daily, Weekly, and Monthly. Accurate, concise, and truly fabulous.

And the number one spot goes to:

1. Rob Brezsny
Fantastic weekly horoscopes teeming with beauty, truth, wit, optimism, and poetry. Blessedly free of gratuitous information concerning the location of Uranus, etc.


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